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EyeMagic started manufacturing galvanometer scanners in 1998.

Our first scanner, called EMS-3080 had set new standards in reliability and robust operation.

"The myth says that you can grab the mirror with your fingers and the scanner will resume operation when let go, without any problem''


Well that myth, running between laserists, was indeed true !

Considering that most other designs at the time were very fragile (broken torsion bars, blown motors etc..), this extreme reliability made the EMS-3080 (later EMS-4000) the preferred system in ''high dollar jobs'' as our customers have stated.

Aiming mostly to the laser display market in the first years of our operation, we introduced 2 unique products.

The MagicBox and the Iris ColorSafe.

The MagicBox was a playback system for single color lasers where the data was stored in a removable card (Compact Flash). The unique feature was that the MagicBox could sample the analog voltages coming from any lasershow system and store them in the card for later playback.

A special software could reconstruct the sampled data to a series of actual ILDA format frames ! We invented a unique encryption for the contents of the CompactFlash card, where only the dedicated software could see the data. Looked through a computer, the card showed 'empty'. This helped many art projects (display of art images in buildings) as the artists knew that their creations could not be copied.

Iris ColorSafe addressed the issues of unstable color balance and audience safety.

Using an RGB sensor and a AGC circuit, the Iris modulated the control voltages going to the RGB lasers, to match the intensity of the commanded input. This resulted in a "What you see is what you get'' display, with the laser colors matching closely the monitor colors. This had a big impact in fade-ins/outs where the image was changing colors instead of fading.

The second feature, audience safety, modulated  the intensity of each point of the image inside the 'safety zone', to make sure that safe levels were not exceeded. This was (and still is...) a big difference from typical audience safety systems where the laser is just blanked below a certain scanner speed. 






Iris ColorSafe

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