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Plug and play miniature rotary actuator/shutter  with integrated switch-mode driver


- Very small size.   Measures only 21(W) x 20(H) x 16(D) mm, including protruding shaft. Fits easily into today's

   ultra compact systems

- Ready to operate, right out of the box. Just screw it on the baseplate, connect power/signal and you are 

   ready to go.

- When used as a safety shutter and powered via the scanners' PSU, the NanoAct will turn off and block the

   beam in case of a scanner power failure.

- Wide operating voltage, from 9VDC up to 32VDC, thanks to the built in switch-mode driver. 

- Linear operation. The driver accepts analog commands (0-5V) rotating the flag proportionally to the input.

- Very low power consumption. Drawing only a few milliamperes, it does not disturb the system PSU when

   turned on.

- 3-wire or 2-wire operation.  The input is internally protected and can be directly connected to the supply

   voltage. This transforms the NanoAct to a 2-wire actuator, for use in existing setups with relay or open

   collector outputs. 

  The advantage is that the switch mode driver will supply the correct current to the coil irrespectively of the

   power supply voltage, where in a normal actuator the user has to provide the supply voltage the actuator

   was designed for. 

- Built-in end stops, limit the rotation of the flag and provide accurate on and off points.

- Customization. We have already customized with bidirectional operation, longer shafts, wider/longer flags

   etc, thanks to our customers' creative ideas !


Pictured on the right, is a typical beam deflection setup, at 45deg to the laser beam. For this purpose, or for blocking high power lasers, we can supply the NanoAct with a dielectric mirror attached on the flag. 

The proportional operation provides the ability to fade-in/out (or even crossfade) the effects, instead of just turning them on/off.


Operating voltage.............9VDC - 32VDC

Control voltage...................0-5VDC

Rotation Angle....................40 degrees

Power consumption..........0,85W  (35mA @ 24VDC)

Flag material.......................Aluminium, natural color

All our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Greece

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